About us

The reprocessing of OR instruments is your daily challenge!

The management of surgical instruments between the operating room and the sterilisation department is our expertise:

Organising and streamlining the path of the instrument between the Operating Room and Sterilisation is essential to ensure that every day Surgical programs are carried out in serenity.

InWay implements with you, your tools and your solutions adapted for the future…

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Our story

InWay® was created in March 2021 in order to meet the needs of healthcare institutions for efficiency in the organisation and management of surgical instruments.

Jean-Paul Averty, following a 30-year career in the medical industry, chose to stand on his own two feet and created the company to “meet the needs of its customers with the most appropriate solutions”.
In August 2021, InWay® was recognised as a “Young Innovative Company” thanks to the experience of its founder and the innovation projects that were taking shape.

The organisation consulting company is developing by understanding that needs have evolved…
In the digital age, why can’t we find digital, generic, accurate, complete and precise data in surgical instrumentation?
Why do so many users not understand each other, when they should be talking about the same thing?

At the beginning of 2022, Pascale Averty, Jean-Paul’s sister, joined the project and enabled InWay® to move forward more quickly towards the first innovative products.

Before the end of 2022, InWay® will integrate several collaborators to create faster, the tools for a safer world for the health of all.


During my 30-year career in the healthcare industry, I had the opportunity to create activity-based pricing solutions and needs assessment tools in various medical specialties.

After a European equivalence of University Diploma in Sterilization, I was able to contribute to help many establishments in the management of their instruments and set up multiple adapted solutions…

Today, my experience in instrumentation allows InWay® to help Operating Room and Sterilization teams, by proposing very innovative solutions, which allow real benefits.


Jean-Paul Averty


After 23 years of working for the same company in various management positions, I created my own brokerage, project management and project management assistance company in 2016 until today.

With this experience and a taste for challenge, I joined InWay® for a new innovative and family adventure!


Pascale Averty


They trust us…

Project financed by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region