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Reference your instruments

An image, a description and all supplier equivalents for each instrument

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Atlas inway

Digital instrumentation database

An instrument, a description, an image and a hologram


The InWay Atlas is a unique and universal database for users of surgical instruments :

– Search your surgical instruments by keyword
– View your instruments in 2D and 3D
– Share this data with other user departments (OR, Purchasing, Maintenance, etc.)
– Create and reference your surgical trays

  • Consolidated and complete data of all your instruments
  • Universal common language and all supplier equivalents
  • Automatic integration of data into information systems
  • Downloading and sharing of product sheets or listings in pdf or xlsx
  • Customisable settings
  • Support for maintenance and purchasing management
  • Time saving thanks to an intuitive search tool
  • Creation of operating trays in a few clicks

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