Corporate Social Responsibility

InWay has been committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) since its creation.

Although not very visible, sterilization staff play a fundamental role in the quality of healthcare provided. Today, their day-to-day work is based on the tedious identification of surgical instruments, which are referenced in a heterogeneous way, on a variety of media specific to each supplier.

Through our solutions and innovations :

  • We facilitate the identification of surgical instruments for safer care,
  • We significantly reduce costly preparation errors,
  • We encourage sterilization staff to improve their skills, as they now have access to a complete, reliable and up-to-date database, as well as a training area.
  • We pave the way for transparent communication and fluid collaboration both within hospital teams and between all healthcare establishments.

Our ambition? Safer care, a more valued profession, saved resources.

Every day, we draw on our 3 core values: integrity, transparency and humility.

These values guide us in our relations with our stakeholders and in every decision we take.

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corporate social responsibility

At InWay, we attach particular importance to social, societal and environmental issues.

Generating impact is at the heart of our corporate project.

That’s why we’ve built our impact approach around three commitments that are backed up by concrete actions.

· Being a responsible organisation

To be a responsible employer…

Promoting well-being in the workplace by offering flexible working conditions and ensuring the health and safety of our employees.

In particular, we offer our employees the possibility of opting for a 100% teleworking contract, to improve work-life balance and reduce the carbon footprint caused by business travel.

We also ensure that the interns and work-study students who place their trust in us benefit from high-quality support, to help them develop their skills. We believe in their potential and are committed to supporting them in their professional development.

… but also to reduce our environmental impact.

We strive to limit our environmental footprint by making eco-gestures an integral part of our daily routine. In particular, we have implemented :

A zero printing policy
A 100% electric vehicle fleet
Responsible digital practices (cloud, data hosted in France)

· Being a responsible economic partner

We are committed to our local roots, and systematically favor relationships with local partners and suppliers.

We build long-term relationships of trust with our customers by actively listening to their needs and constantly striving for the highest quality in the solutions we offer.

· Developing products and services with a positive social and environmental impact

Our solutions and technological innovations enable us to:

  • Contribute to the mental health and well-being of sterilisation workers by improving their working conditions and reducing the arduousness of their work,
  • Enhance the status of sterilisation workers by improving training and career opportunities,
  • Reduce errors in the reassembly of operating theatres, thereby reducing the margin for error to minimise wasted time and generate savings in resources.

The future…

By continuing to innovate, our ambition is to transform the profession through solutions for training and improving the day-to-day work of operating theatre teams.