Mixed reality for surgical instrumentation

The worlds of Inway

InWay is the story of passionate entrepreneurs driven by a profound mission:

To respond to the day-to-day difficulties faced by healthcare establishments in organizing and managing surgical instruments, with innovative solutions that help the teams concerned (Management, Purchasing, OR, Sterilization, IT) to better analyze and forecast needs.

We help these professionals by proposing a single, universal generic language, and by providing them with a real-time monitoring platform that can be parameterized to enable the digital tool to perfectly represent the actual structure.

Our aim is to respond to the lack of tools that enable a good understanding of surgical instrumentation, whatever the profession in demand, in the establishment.

This is the key to combating infections and quality defects!



The unique platform for creating and governing a complete structure of Surgical Instruments.

→ Search, visualize, order, share, measure, decide

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The tool for producing and reassembling sterilization trays.

Thanks to visual management, you can guarantee production quality for the operating room and ensure patient safety.



A unique training area for your staff in surgical instrumentation.

All instruments are available, without having to remove them from their trays.

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The way to the instrument



InWay® offers services & advice to strengthen and optimise the organisation of the use of surgical instruments between Sterilisation and the Operating Theatre.

We put in place the tools that will allow the synergies necessary for the functioning of the operating programs.



Our experience of more than 30 years in the medical industry, in many specialties, allows us to meet your needs.

Our goal: to adapt to each situation the best organisational solution, which will allow the surgical teams to work serenely.



InWay® solutions will allow you to save time, manpower and resources, while giving your teams the opportunity to work with a well-sized fleet of equipment in good working order.

our mission

Referencing – Securing – Training

The use of surgical instruments is subject to numerous hygiene and quality rules to ensure that the reuse of these materials is safe for patients and health care personnel.

InWay® is aimed at Pharmacists, Health Managers, Operating Room Nurses, Surgeons, Purchasing Departments, IT Departments, Management of establishments, and offers solutions tailored to the existing parameters specific to each establishment.

Our mission is to help healthcare professionals integrate the digital dimension into the management of surgical instruments to facilitate and optimise their daily work.

Instrument data is essential for proper naming, identification, management, tracking, purchasing, counting…

If this data is missing, none of this is possible!
On the front line, healthcare professionals are in trouble, with a possible impact on patient safety.

InWay® is a company independent of all brands of equipment, and guarantees objectivity and seriousness in the solutions provided.


It’s the most innovative project we’ve ever been offered in our profession.
We want to be part of the adventure!

Joëlle Cantoni, september 2021

CHU Montpellier

If I’d had this solution when we merged our Bayonne plants, everything would have been much simpler…

Maxime Courade, december 2021

Ramsay Santé

With your solution, we’ll save an incredible amount of time integrating our data, improving and facilitating our operations…

Virginie Pioud, july 2023

CH de Sète

They trust us…

Project financed by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region